Young il produce PU coated leather in 2 tanneries located in Vietnam and Indonesia, while Korea now just office. We are supplies world famous Brands. It is the Policy of Young il to ensure that our production methods meet

  • Local government requirements;
  • Brand requirements and;
  • LWG requirements through the external audit procedure.

Youngil works with local authorities, Brands and internationally recognizes organizations specializing in this area (eg BLC Leather Technology Center Ltd) to ensure that management systems in place to ensure compliance. Youngil has policies for environment issues and has targets for improvement which it reviews regularly.

These include assuring that leathers do not contain banned restricted substances, targets for reducing emissions (eg air emissions and solid wastes), solvent reduction in production of PU coatings and continuous improvements.

Youngil also works with the employees to ensure that the place of work is safe and environmentally compliant. Activities in this area include training and the implementation of plans to avoid emergencies. Youngil has implemented an Environmental Management system which is internally audited and seeks accreditation to the internationally recognized Leather Working Group Auditing Protocol.

S H Byun
CEO Youngil Leather Co Ltd.