Youngil Leather Co.,LTD listing in KOREA. Youngil Leather set up as Youngil Leather Co, LTD in Samrak-dong, Busan, Korea. Started PU coated leather production. in the year 1980, and expands operation to Youngil Leather Tannery (Vietnam) in 2006. And continue expand to Indonesia in Jun 2010 as PT Youngil Leather Indonesia. Technical and consulting service for two tanning business are supported by Youngil Leather (Korea).

The management policy on achieving better and better product quality while relying on human resources.Customer is the first one and the quality guarantee is highest requirement and keep on developing manager concept and continually improved and innovation. Proving prompt delivery, competitive price and attentive service to achieve two win. Cooperated and make progress together

Youngil Leather Tannery is the major supplier of cowhide split PU coated and approved vendor for Nike, Adidas, Reebok and other brands. Our shipments go as far as to Asia market. Leather products in our catalogue cover the series of PU Coated (Action, Virgin, AGL, EGL, Mighty, SGL), PU Laminated (Junior Buck, Dan Buck, Exy Leather, etc) and Full Grain Leather, also.